Telefónica Deutschland
Annual Report

People cross it while shopping or on their way to work. It is where they meet their friends, bump into old acquaintances, or start up a conversation while on a break. Public space is the centrepoint of everyday interaction. It embodies different situations, expectations, and negotiations on the big and small aspects of day-to-day life.

As a company with more than 49 million mobile customer accesses, Telefónica Deutschland occupies a similar place at the heart of society. Listening to what people want and giving them what they need to achieve it: this is what drives us as a telecommunications company. What is the young couple talking about? What is on the minds of the family or those who are out on a walk?

On its way to becoming the OnLife Telco, Telefónica Deutschland is the pacemaker of digitalisation. We help our customers to use the achievements of the digital world in a way that caters to their desires and customs.

We know our place. Come with us as we explore the topics we encounter there.